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KOOP was founded by Yusuf Burak Dolu in 2011, the office provides opportunities to work with landscape, architecture, restoration, construction, graphic design and other different professions with many professionals. Yusuf Burak Dolu started his architectural education in 2002 at Yıldız Technical University, and continued his education with Restoration Master Programme in 2007 at Istanbul Technical University, and History of Architecture Master Programme in 2008 at Athens Technical University. He worked at several architecture offices, lastly he work as executive at United Nations Development Programme, Cyprus Cultural Heritage Project. Since 2006, his continuous fund of knowledge from freelance jobs, and cooperative working area created the basis of founding KOOP in 2011. KOOP’s historical structure restoration and transformation, museum and exhibition designs, cultural centers, urban square design, housing and restaurant projects and applications got various architectural awards. KOOP’s works found their place in different national and international exhibits and publications by creating cooperative working areas with multiple persons, firms and non-governmental organizations from fields like city planning, urban design, conservation, engineering, graphic design and museology.